GMIA, Inc offers co-marketig reimbursement to our agents on a quarterly basis for most general Medicare marketing activities including:

      • Printing and postage for mailers, postcards, flyers.
      • Lead and lead list purchases
      • Advertising for social media, newspaper, magazines,  and online ads.
      • General Marketing expenses for Medicare marketing and educational events
      • … and more.

All marketing reimbursement is on a first come first serve basis. Be sure to request to reserve funds below, as well as submit your receipts right away after you paid the invoice.

Reserve Co-Marketing Funds

Submit Co-Marketing Receipts

Co-Marketing reimbursement varies by Quarter and we only guarantee reimbursement for those funds that were pre-approved with our office ahead of time. In order to get pre-approved for marketing funds, make sure you submit your request for co-marketing approval using the link below. Once approved, your approval will indicate the amount of funds we are reserving for you and the co-marketing reimbursement percentage. This is typically 50% for Rest of Year marketing, and can be between 50 – 75% for AEP.

We must have full, itemized receipts that indicate the vendor, amount spent, date, and product/service purchased in order to reimburse marketing money spent. We will also need a copy of the marketing piece (i.e. postcard, flyer, letter, ad, etc) uploaded with the receipt. Please upload and submit your marketing receipts and marketing piece at the link below.

DISCLAIMER: **In order ensure reimbursement, we recommend waiting for co-marketing approval from our office before placing your marketing orders.

DISCLAIMER: **WAIT! Did you receive pre-approval for your marketing spend? We can only guarantee reimbursement for money spent for those that received pre-approval.

Please call the office at 480-726-2160 with any questions.