As a Medicare agent, you need to educate your clients on plan coverage. Did you know Medicare Part B covers smoking and tobacco use counseling?  Lets help our clients understand their benefits when choosing plans and stay up to date with The following is a statement to patients from Read more to make sure you understand these benefits.

More men and women in the United States die from lung cancer than any other type of cancer. More than 220,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year. The best way for patients to lower their chances of developing lung cancer is to quit smoking and stop using tobacco products.

If they use tobacco, Medicare Part B covers up to 8 face-to-face smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling visits in a 12-month period and a lung cancer screening once per year. You pay nothing for these services if your doctor accepts assignment. Watch our video to learn more about how Medicare can help you quit.

How often is it covered?

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers up to 8 face-to-face visits in a 12-month period. These visits must be provided by a qualified doctor or other Medicare-recognized practitioner.

Who’s eligible?

All people with Part B who use tobacco are covered.

Your costs in Original Medicare

You pay nothing for the counseling sessions if your doctor or other health care provider accepts assignment.

Visit page to learn more.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Breathe easier knowing Medicare is here to help keep your clients stay healthy.

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