Understanding the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

Do you and your Medicare clients understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? A lot of people have a difficult time understanding the difference between the two. Both programs begin with the letter “M.” They’re both health insurance programs run

Help Fight Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud wastes a lot of money each year and results in higher health care costs and taxes for everyone. Help your medicare clients by sharing the following helpful information on safeguarding their information from Medicare.gov: There are con artists

Why Sell Medicare?

Steady Supply of Potential Clients Remember the baby boom that started at the end of World War II and resulted in a crazy increase in birth rates before tapering off in 1964?  This group of baby boomers is now creating

We Moved our UHC Contract!

We Moved Our United Healthcare Contract! We have moved our United Healthcare contract to Senior Market Sales! We already have our Humana, Cigna, & Silversript contracts with them so the addition of United Healthcare will be a huge benefit. Why

New Medicare Cards Coming!

New Medicare cards are coming Medicare will mail new Medicare cards between April 2018 and April 2019. The new card will have a new Medicare Number that’s unique to each medicare recipient, instead of their Social Security Number. This will

Medigap Birthday Rule: Where it applies

What is the Medigap Birthday Rule? Are you an agent with Medicare clients in California or Oregon? If so, be sure you understand the birthday rule, a yearly opportunity to switch Medicare Supplement companies WITHOUT underwriting. Read the following questions

Medicare Plan J and non credible PDP Coverage

Are you sure you’re Medicare customers are covered by credible prescription drug coverage? If they are currently on a Plan J Medicare Supplement, then they may not be covered and could be racking up ongoing monthly penalties. Why is this?

Calculating PDP Late Enrollment Penalty

What is the Prescription Drug (PDP) Penalty? The late enrollment penalty is an amount added to Medicare Part D monthly premium. You may owe a late enrollment penalty if, for any continuous period of 63 days or more after your

CMS Proposed Changes to Medicare 2019

CMS is proposing changes to Medicare Costs for 2019. Make sure you are aware of these proposed changes so you can act accordingly. Here are some of the Proposals for the year 2019, as well as glance for 2018. CMS is